At KW Dental, we offer both full and partial dentures in a range of different materials including acrylic, metal and flexible Valplast dentures. Our private dentures come in 3 different standards as described below. We will show you examples of each standard along with full prices before starting your treatment.


This standard of denture is finished using high quality teeth manufactured in Germany, who have been world leaders on the tooth market for over 30 years. Their exclusive design and manufacture means they have a very natural appearance. There is also a large choice of tooth size/shape and a wide variety of colours available. Finished using a unique high impact acrylic (pink gum material) which is the finest available. This standard can also be finished with a clear palate if requested. A 5 year guarantee accompanies this choice.


This standard of denture is finished using medium quality European manufactured teeth, which have proven to be very popular and aesthetically pleasing.  This standard also comes with a good choice of tooth size/shape and in a wide variety of colours. Finished using premier quality denture acrylic with a very good impact strength. A 3 year guarantee accompanies this choice.


This standard of denture is finished using a basic but very good quality private tooth which has been a very popular choice for some time now. This standard has a slightly more restricted choice of mould size/shape but with a good choice of colours. An 18 month guarantee accompanies this choice.


Dentures will often need clasps for retention and stability, but the more commonly used metal clasps can be quite unsightly, especially when used on front teeth and visible when smiling! Tooth-coloured clasps are a much more aesthetics alternative to metal clasps, and can be matched to the tooth colour to make them as discreet as possible.

Metal clasps

Tooth-coloured clasps


The Valplast flexible denture is a relatively new design and is ideal for patients who have lost some but not all of their teeth and require a partial denture. It is made from a flexible plastic material that fits snugly into your mouth and is virtually invisible. Plus, it doesn't require any metal clips to hold it in place!

This type of denture is very light, durable and comes in a range of colours which are designed to match your own gum tissue. It is also hypo-allergenic and blends in well with the natural movement of your mouth. meaning it won't move around or irritate your mouth!

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